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Artificial intelligence is the trending topic of technology nowadays. Are you amazed to know about Artificial Intelligence? Then why are you waiting for? Let us begin.

Artificial Intelligence - Trending topic today
artificial intelligence

Where do we see Artificial Intelligence and where it is applied?

AI in E-commerce:

Artificial Intelligence is the basics of commerce nowadays. People are more engaged in Artificial Intelligence in the e-commerce helping companies with more efficiency and guidance.

Artificial Intelligence in Health advancements:

Artificial Intelligence is made one of the important factors of health unit.

The machines are empowered and used for diagnosis are usually blessed with Artificial Intelligence and helping people in various areas of healthcare.

Artificial Intelligence in Automotives and types of machinery:

Self driving cars are an example of Artificial Intelligence. The cars usually recognize the face, and they are worked with biometric.

 Artificial Intelligence helps the cars to drive the car in a safe mode and also effortlessly with more comfort.

This is the advancement in the automotive industry and save a lot of time, and gives security.

Artificial Intelligence in Agriculture:

Nowadays, Artificial Intelligence is used in the field of agriculture to enhance the crop yield as well as productivity with the easy access.

Artificial Intelligence in Assistance:

Artificial Intelligence is also used in the virtual assistance devices that make the work easier and within a short duration of time.

 Google Assistance, Alexa, Siri is the worthy examples of Artificial Intelligence in the virtual assistance field.

These are some of the areas where Artificial Intelligence is used very widely in all the fields and has become the trending part of technology in 2020.


Artificial Intelligence - Trending topic today

Who invented Artificial Intelligence?

Professor John McCarthy was the inventor of the Artificial Intelligence is an American Computer Scientist.

Artificial Intelligence is a broad area where human intelligence is replaced with manmade intelligence and is playing a vital role in the science of today and form a trending topic today.

Who makes or creates Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence -is  Trending topic today

Artificial Intelligence is created by the top companies of the world which are spread all over the world.


Google is one of the tops a company that uses Artificial Intelligence for its advertising technologies, communication, cloud computing and virtual assistance.


Facebook is the major the company which is pursuing business and development in cloud computing and makes the best use of Artificial Intelligence in almost all the areas including virtual reality and other forms of Artificial Intelligence.

International Business Machines:

IBM which is one of the old the community in America which also uses Artificial Intelligence in the mainframe computing, Virtual assistance and many more.


Amazon offers cloud computing and Artificial Intelligence in the variety of fields in the business and consumer services.

What Artificial Intelligence is and what do you mean by?

Artificial Intelligence is the intelligence exhibited by the machines whereas human intelligence are depicted by humans.

The theory of Artificial Intelligence explains the productivity and efficiency provided by the computers and enables to make the most of the Artificial Intelligence as it has become the trending topic in 2020 making the best use of the machines and indulging in the areas of working with the utmost capacity and productivity.

Now, it has occupied the the major economy in the world.

Artificial Intelligence - Trending topic today

 Which Artificial Intelligence is common nowadays?


Artificial Intelligence is widely used in Netflix which provides content-on-demand service which displays the most viewed videos and reviewed contents for getting the perfect user experience and making it as a power source by Artificial Intelligence.


Artificial Intelligence is not only used in smartphones but also is widely used in automotive and this grabs attention.

People are more drawn to automotive and types of machinery working with Artificial Intelligence.

The self-driven cars are majorly worked on the principle of the Artificial Intelligence and name as Tesla.


Siri uses machine learning and enables us to open any sort of application on the mobiles, to call the person in our contact list.

There are many more services that are offered by this application which primarily uses Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence - Trending topic today

What Artificial Intelligence can and cannot do?

Artificial Intelligence can:

1.    Recognize the images

2.    Prepare the documents and files.

3.    Disease diagnosis.

4.    Suggest the best in the crowd through machine learning.

5.    Direct you in the maps.

6.    Predict the crop yield in a year.

7.    Translate to the desired languages.

Artificial Intelligence cannot:

1.    Artificial Intelligence cannot make moral decisions as humans.

2.    Predict the medical condition.

3.    Can suggest the errors and bugs but can never find them.

4.    Cannot involve creative writing.

5.    Never works with emotions.

6.    Without supervision, it can be dangerous too.

Well, with combining human intelligence as well as Artificial Intelligence we can do wonders and no doubt about it.

But alone it becomes very difficult and maintains the performance of the devices with Artificial Intelligence.


Artificial Intelligence - Trending topic of technology

Will Artificial Intelligence surpass human intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence which was a long back topic did not have such a great capability in working and making things work.

 But, the Artificial Intelligence scientists are making advancements in the field and using all the abilities to make the robots work in the same way as humans. But, still, there are many problems regarding the functioning of Artificial Intelligence machines because it does not work as humans.

 Humans are capable of reasoning, moral, logical, and emotional thinking. This is why the human intelligence is completely different from Artificial Intelligence.

 The branch of Artificial Intelligence called Deep learning is the topic which uses the neural networks for machines like the human brain are in more advancement now.

Definitely, after some years, Artificial Intelligence will take over mankind.

Artificial Intelligence - Trending topic of technology in 2020

What Artificial Intelligence is all about?

Precisely speaking, Artificial Intelligence is the use of human intelligence in machines.

 It is the way of making the machines work and obtain the desired output. It deals with the ways of making things work.

Nowadays, as it has become the most overrated and trending topic in the field of technology.

It includes all the methods in making machines work in a proper way with the precise instructions.

What Artificial Intelligence includes?

Artificial Intelligence includes primarily the 4 types. They are:

1.    Limited memory

2.    Reactive Machines.

3.    Self-Awareness.

4.    The ultimate mind theory.

Limited Memory:

This type of Artificial Intelligence includes the self-driving cars. They are already pre-programmed with good coders and are used with the utmost precautions.

It possesses only the memory that is fed into it. There is no transient memory that can be formed in the machines.

This restricts the machines to perform a similar type of task always.

Reactive Machines:

The majority of Artificial Intelligence machines are reactive. They just respond to the asked query and never store.

This is the main work performed in almost all the machines.

Self- Awareness:

The machines after developing it to fully, it should possess self- awareness and it is possible in nowadays machines which are operated with Artificial Intelligence.

Theory of mind:

Scientists are developing the machines which work on the theory of mind and implement the theory of the behavior of mind. This helps in working with Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence - Trending topic today


Artificial Intelligence on how to learn for Beginners?

If you are an absolute beginner, start with learning basics of Python which gives you the basic ideas of the Artificial Intelligence course.

Then move with the Machine learning and concrete your ideas about the topic.

It becomes completely easy to learn data science with artificial intelligence.


How Artificial Intelligence works?

Artificial Intelligence works on these 4 topics. They are:

1.    Machine Learning.

2.    Deep Learning.

3.    Cognitive computing.

4.    Neural Network.

Machine Learning:

The machines do not learn by themselves. It must be learned by the input of machines. This application provides the machine to learn by itself.

 It can analyze and make predictions. This area is vast and also improving.

Deep Learning:

This involves installing an artificial neural network which tries to work exactly like the human brain neural network.

This can select one output from several inputs.

Cognitive Computing:

It is the way how the machines imitate the process done by humans and tries to improve the performance of the software.

Neural Network:

Neural networks enable the concept of deep learning.

 It takes many inputs and tries to make a comparison between the inputs. Just like there are several neurons present in our brain.

This is the way how the Artificial intelligence works.


Will Artificial Intelligence takes over the world, humans & jobs?

Artificial Intelligence is still in developing stage, it is not sure whether it will take over the world or not.

Humans are creating the machines which work based on the Artificial Intelligence.

How Artificial Intelligence can change the future of marketing?

Definitely, there will be tremendous changes in the way of looking at marketing.

Present-day, has many advancements in the area of marketing which makes the Work much easier and comfortable.

Are Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning the same?

Artificial Intelligence is a very broad concept and has all dimensions of the machine learning it is much larger when compared to Machine Learning.

But machine learning is a part of Artificial Intelligence which enables us to make the machine to learn by themselves.

Are Artificial Intelligence jobs in demand?

Artificial Intelligence is a major area of employment today. The study of Artificial Intelligence has been emerged as a trend and has a high learning curve.

It reshapes our thinking and gives a completely new dimension of working with machines.

Is Artificial Intelligence is a boon or bane?

Artificial Intelligence, however, every topic in technology has pros and cons.

The Artificial Intelligence can be boon inefficiency of work, availability, working on more complex tasks, and many more.

Artificial Intelligence can be a bane as it costs more, the machines have lesser experience and causes unemployment.

Why Artificial Intelligence is important and needed? Use of Artificial Intelligence.

1.    Artificial Intelligence in improving workplace communication.

2.    In Cyber Security.

3.    In supply chain.

4.    Chatbots.

These are some of the important uses of Artificial Intelligence and works as a servant of mankind.

Can Artificial Intelligence be creative?

Artificial Intelligence can definitely be creative if it is used as a way of developing human creativity.

We can also think of it as a way of making you creative.


Artificial Intelligence is the trending and most knowledgable field in the topic of technology and continuously evolving and making it a great source of human capability. I hope I have given almost all the idea about the present-day topic of Artificial Intelligence.













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