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Start earning online by Blogging in 2020: A-Z guide to become a Pro-blogger

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Start earning online by Blogging in 2020: A-Z guide to become a Pro-blogger 

Are you looking for an easy way to make money online? Here is the platform you are looking for. 

Start your today earning by BLOGGING.


The meaning of Blogging is the representation of the writer's experience or opinion about a particular 

topic. We can write a blog on any topic of interest. There are many blogs like a food blog, travel blog

 How to start earning online by Blogging in 2020: A-Z guide to becoming a pro- blogger?

At first, let us look at Where to start blogging as a beginner & how it works on earning money online.


In order to make a blog or a website, we need to concentrate on the aspects of a blog. They are 



DOMAIN is the address of your blog which comes after ''www''. Choosing the suitable domain for the website/blog is the primary task of a BLOGGER. The name you select must describe the topic of your blog. There are many domain purchasing websites where you can buy domains. The best domain 

purchasing websites are listed : 



HOST is the provider that provides all the facilities for the appearance of the blog. Some domain 

agencies provide hosting facilities too. The hosting can be easily done by the following websites 

mentioned below are BLOGGING FREE SITES.




Are you confused about where to start blogging and how to do it? This blog will give you the complete 

the idea about the Techniques of Earning through Blogging.

1. Start working on a particular niche/topic.

Think about an idea of the familiar topics that you seem interested in. Make sure you love the topic.

2. Purchase a domain.

Domains are important in getting traffic to your blog. Subdomains will not get more traffic as of 


3. Get completely into the idea of your topic.

The domain you have chosen must convey your idea of a blog that you have been working.

4. Search the proper keywords for your blog post.

While writing a post on your blog, try to include all the keywords, and highlight the heading of your


5. Try to get more traffic to your site.

Work on getting traffic to your blog post. There are many ways of getting traffic to your website/blog.

The best way is through social media. Connect to people with similar interest on the topic you have 

been writing. Promote by FACEBOOK, TWITTER, INSTAGRAM, and many more.

6. Write on a regular basis.

Be consistent in writing posts for your blog. 

7. Indulge in writing amazing & unique articles.

More your topics are interesting to know, the more people engage with your blog.

8. Try to answer the topics related to your topic at QUORA.

Yeah, QUORA is the best way of reaching people easily quite well. Try answering questions and 

find answers to the questions.

Start earning online by Blogging in 2020: Why blogging is so popular?

1. Blogging can be done by anyone and at any time.

It is very easy for anyone to become a blogger. You can work anytime and also anywhere.

2. Showcase your talents and skills.

Blogging is the best way of showcasing your skills on a particular topic you are interested in.

3. You will be recognized.

Recognition of your blog makes you successful. Try to make your blog such that it gets recognized.


Top 10 topics for blogging:

1.Health & Fitness Blog.

This is the trending topic always. Write about health and lifestyle.

2.Technology Blogs.

Technical blogs have various topics to write unique articles.

3.Quotes Blog.

If you have the habit of writing poems & quotes, this is the best way of showcasing your talent.

4.Food-related  Blog.

Food blogs are catchy and attract the reader. Grab this opportunity and if you are a food lover this is 

the best topic for you.

5.Lyrics Blog.

Major income can be generated with less work on this topic for a blog.

6.Self-Improvement Blog.

Every one of us searches self-improvement topics at any stage of our life. This blog has its own 


7.Personal Stories Blog.

Stories can be of any type and topic. It makes the reader to go through the article completely.

8.History writing Blogs.

If you are interested in writing about histories, mythologies get into writing this blog.

9.Travel Blog.

The people who love traveling engage in this kind of blog. It makes a documentary about your travel.

These are the main topics that have greater scope in the present day.

The topic that you are going to choose is going to impact on the INCOME OF 




1. Enhancing technical knowledge in blogging.

2. Connecting to people and build trust.

3. Opportunity to work with your passionate topic.

4. To share the content with the world.

5. To start a dream business.

6. To share their story

7. To develop writing skills.


You might have a question of why blogging is the best field of earning. I have come up with various

 points to prove that blogging is the supreme platform of making money online & also blogging can 

be chosen for a career and be done as a habit. Let us look into it.


1.Boost in the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

We can boost our small business into a profit organization by increasing the traffic to our blog. By the 

Blog, people come to know about our business. 

2. Connecting the people of similar interest and work with them.

We can join hands with the people in our business and lead our team to success.

3. You are an entrepreneur of your passion.

Blogging is the better way of showcasing your talent on a particular topic and it leads to opportunities.

Likewise, BLOGGING helps you in many ways.

 SEO Tips for enhancing BLOG traffic. How to start earning online by Blogging in 

2020: A-Z guide to becoming a pro- blogger

Let me present to you the basic steps to rank your blog on GOOGLE and other search engines 

like BING, YAHOO, ASK, etc and write SEO friendly articles.

1. Make your blog/website responsive and also mobile-friendly.

Responsive blogs grab much attention than simple blogs. Many people prefer mobile over laptops for


2. Update the blog.

The blog should be updated for a present-day & remove the outdated contents from your blog.

3. Work with the images of your blog.

Use always free licensed images and of less size. It is better to use images from PIXABAY

PEXELS, UNSPLASH, and so on.

4. Try to create backlinks.

Use your blog URL to connect to many other blogs by creating backlinks.

5. Use meta-description for your blog.

A meta description can add a weightage to your blog post. Use the meta description as a way of letting 

people know about your blog topic.

6. Inter-link as much as possible.

Add your URL of one post with the other as much as possible because it helps in getting traffic to your

 blog much easier.

7. Optimization is key.

Optimize the contents of the blog in the proper order and make the reader feel enthusiastic about the 

topic. Make it short and readable.

Basic rules of BLOGGING.

How to start earning online by Blogging in 2020: A-Z guide to becoming a pro-   


1. Use beautiful themes and templates for your blog.

The themes must be user-friendly and responsive. You can obtain free templates through many websites

available like GOOYAABI. There are many websites other than this if you wish to buy also.

2. Make it secure.

Never provide much personal information on the web. Keep it simple and work only on the topic as

 much as possible.

3. Write it by yourself.

Writing is a skill and you try to incorporate writing skills. There are many websites which check the

 copied contents. Be unique and generate unique articles.

4. Long articles rank faster.

Your content should be longer to 500-700 words so that it covers the topic well enough. Writing the

articles less than 500 words will not provide the basic information about the topic and might lead to

 failure of your blog.

5. Engage with your blog.

There will be comments for your blog. Try to respond to the people as fast as possible and make the 

the reader feels secure and happy.

6. Sentences & Grammar.

Create a blog with no mistakes in grammar and vocabulary. Everyone wants to read error-free articles.


These are some of the golden rules you have to follow for making your blog popular and start 

earning in 2020.

If you have accomplished in the above-mentioned ways of blogging, definitely you are a pro-blogger.

There are many ways to monetize your blog. Once you complete making a blog and getting traffic to 

your blog, these are the ways to earn from blogging and make money online in 2020.

Ways of monetizing your blog/website. How to start earning online by Blogging in 

2020: A-Z guide to becoming a pro- blogger?.

1.Affiliate Marketing

It is the way of earning by advertising the product of the host and helping the customer to buy it. You 

receive money whenever the reader buys the product from the click on your website/blog. AMAZON 

offers you a great deal of affiliate marketing.

2.Google Ad-Sense

This is the best and popular way of getting monetized. Once you start getting views for your blog,

apply for Google Adsense and after getting approval from AdSense, you can start displaying ads and 

earn from every advertisement you have been posted on your blog.

3.Sponsored Posts.

You can also make this one valuable asset of earning through the blog. Display the sponsored post

on your blog and make earning through sponsorship.

4. Interact with your blog.

You can start a question and answer section in your blog to engage with people and build a beautiful 


5. Sell courses on your blog.

You can offer the online courses and help people and in turn, you get funded by the courses you have 

been sold.

Where is Blogging going in the future?  How to start earning online by Blogging in

 2020: A-Z guide to becoming a pro-blogger? 

BLOGGING is the field where you are the one who maintains everything and is completely 

responsible for everything of your blog. Frankly speaking, it is one of the best ways of choosing it as a 

career. If you are passionate about writing this can be the best way of earning.

Certainly, there may be a lot of competitions in blogging, if you generate unique contents and attract

the readers from your amazing content, I am sure you enjoy your work and drive traffic to your blog. 

Blogging- What are the things to consider?  How to start earning online by

Blogging in 2020: A-Z guide to becoming a pro-blogger? 

The main things to consider while blogging are:

1. Plagiarism-free contents.

Write contents in a unique way and also in an amazing way to make the readers fascinated by your 

content. This is the area where many bloggers fail. If your content attracts the reader, definitely 

I am sure your blog is going to be successful.

2. SEO.

Search Engine Optimisation is a very important thing to be considered while making a blog. If your

a blog is search engine friendly and precise to the topic, success is on your way.

3. Work on enhancing traffic for your blog.

Drive traffic to your post on your blog. There are many ways of enhancing traffic. Some ways are

1. Promote by Social Medias.

2.Answer questions at QUORA.

3. Create maximum backlinks.

4. Amazing content is the key.

5. Write the post of a maximum of 700-800 words.


Blogging is a beautiful journey. I have presented all the important topics related to blogging and also

how to be a pro-blogger by using these techniques. Thank you for patience reading this post and I hope

 you covered almost every aspect of blogging A-Z.




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